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'I thought the president could no longer surprise me. I was wrong'
Photo courtesy Campus Reform.
Good intentions are not enough
You won't believe how they're preparing
'The EPA's job is to regulate. The maps must have been created with this purpose in mind.'
Photo of Ian Smith
'The 'compensation' in scores afforded to minorities could actually be leading to greater numbers being given the death sentence.'
Photo of Jeffrey H. Joseph
Professor, George Washington University School of Business
Operation Choke Point targeted ammunition sellers, coin dealers, and online dating sites.
Photo of Eric Wang
Senior Fellow, Center for Competitive Politics
A new case challenges the idea that large media organizations deserve special treatment.
Photo of Lanny Davis
Former Special Counsel to President Clinton
'If there is anything unifying in this awful tragedy, it is the grief we all feel for the Browns and the loss of their young son.'
Photo of Keith Naughton
Public Affairs Consultant
High-tax, high-regulation governments only work when their big industries are hard to move.
Photo of Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List
The long-term relationship between advocates of the unborn and their friends in the Democratic Party has been rocky at best.
Photo of Richard Ghazal
Air Force Intelligence Officer
Islamists know the moderating effect Christians have; that's why they're targets.
Photo of Nicole Kaeding
Budget Analyst, Cato Institute
The national debt will grow from $12 trillion to $20 trillion in ten years.
Photo of David Benkof
Freelance Writer
Gays in the military do affect morale after all
Photo of Mark Davis
Host, 'The Mark Davis Show'
The comeback story of the year could be derailed by courtroom drama.


4th Annual WIE Symposium - Day 1
Yes, you read that correctly
'It would be a spacecraft that most resembles what people see in the movies'
She's still the (hottest) one
Media falsehoods on preventable veteran deaths
'This makes no sense!'
United States National Guard troops patrol along the U.S. and Mexico border in Nogales
'I would certainly step up and do my part'
81-year-old was undergoing throat procedure
(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)
'If the robbery suspects would have asked him for money ... he would have given it to them'
'Hades saw me and ... let me crawl on her back'
'What about this is funny to you?'
The GOP is blocking an amnesty, so the administration is rewriting border rules
'If tomorrow you shoot, they'll say you signed an agreement'
Spoiler: things go poorly for Kimmel
It's clear who Paul is talking about
Nine lawsuits pending against South Carolina facility
She's been on paid administrative leave for NEARLY NINE MONTHS
'Geography can be tough'
A lethal dose of cleavage
'It will go nowhere in the courts'
So maybe the election will be all about Obama's amnesty
'She was actually a pleasure to work with'
'It's basically an extinction plan for the California spotted owl'
Calls Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad 'the lesser of two evils'
'Imagine what we would feel, and what we would do'
The sun rises over the Supreme Court in Washington
'Sue first, discuss later'
Santorum and the DNC agree
U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
But Obama will provide diplomatic and economic support
'It makes life extremely difficutl when you dont' get paid after working very hard'
'Every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth'
'Russian combat soldiers...are operating inside Ukraine's sovereign territory'
'Ruling was unequivocal'
Marijuana plants for sale are displayed at the medical marijuana farmers market in Los Angeles
'It still is an historic win for us all'
'Those policies have been disastrous'
Unconfirmed audio first reported by CNN on Monday
She knows underwear
Singing 'One Love' into a microphone and swaying side to side
Students can use tax credits toward private, religious schools
Chuck Todd MSNBC
Probably not bosom buddies
Unions not so much
It's settled then: 'unconscionable acts of barbarism' must be stopped
'Wish we could say more'